Reap The Whirlwind…

I get such a foreboding sense in my spirit, watching events roll out this year with such rapidity. All the while, these words echoing in the background, as daily, events play out upon the stage of our nation.
“… Famine, Pestilence, Wars, and rumors of war.”

I didn’t think I would see this all happening so quickly in my lifetime. Suddenly, a FAMINE of coinage that is driving the concept of a cashless economy. The PESTILENCE of COVID-19 ravaging our land, worse than the plagues of the dark ages, with no end in sight. The fierce trade WARS going on in economies across the globe and the escalating RUMORS of war between the superpowers of America and China.

I’ve made my life a study of these end times, waiting and watching, crying out of their coming – and here they are! The recent prophetic dreams of pastors and seers, of men close to God being warned, that we must prepare ourselves, we must brace ourselves. Indeed we must. But how and by whom?!

I believe unless you know Jesus Christ and are listening to His voice, you will be lead astray by the powerful forces moving and blowing across our land, forces herding the people with their reactionary winds. Fear and hopelessness are driving these winds, as souls are being set ablaze en masse with panic and uncertainty. Yet the Bible has been here, telling and showing us – it has been a light upon these events all along, warning and guiding us, crying out to prepare us for these very events. Few will hear its warnings and even fewer will be saved, yet there is one simple vaccine that can provide a safe haven from these tempests which shape the face of the land and sweep the people’s feet out from under them.
“…if you believe in your heart, and confess with your mouth, Jesus as Lord – you will be saved.”

Don’t allow the ‘contrary winds of doctrine’ to sweep you along in the tides that now grip this nation’s soul. Don’t look to money as a savior in this current trial, for it is merely the bait for a trap that is set, and once that trap is sprung – there will be no going back.
“You can not serve God and Mammon, for you will either hate the one and love the other.”
“For it will be harder for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God than a camel to go through the eye of a needle.”

Why did Jesus point to money as the one factor that will separate you from the Kingdom of God? Look how important a role it is playing in the theater of events occurring across the planet right now! We are on the brink of events that will separate the goats from the sheep – the taking of ‘The Mark’.
What I believe will be the implanting of the chip that will allow all people to ‘buy and sell’ in a cashless economy.
Don’t take this ‘chip’, because then you will be putting yourself under the control of Mammon, he is a spirit not just a thing(money), and you will be forsaking your allegiance to your Maker.

To those of you who can hear what the Spirit is saying: tell them. We must work while there is light, for the days are coming when no man can work, days of darkness.
There is One who has all hope, may you find Him now.
Believe on Jesus Christ and you shall be saved!


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